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Top MRI Scan Centres in Hyderabad
(NABL,ISO Certified)
  • Elbit Medical Diagnostics
  • Srikrishna Daignostics
  • Insight Diagnostics
  • Aarthi Diagnostics
  • Salus Diagnostics
Most Featured MRI Scan Centres in Hyderabad
(NABL,ISO Certified)
  • Lucid Diagnostics
  • Radlabs Diagnostics
  • Medquest Diagnostics
  • Tesla Diagnostics

Mri Scan Prices in Hyderabad

Mri BrainRs 3950
Mri Cervical SpineRs 3950
MRI KneeRs 4100
MRI LS SpineRs 3950
MRI Lumbar SpineRs 3950
Frequently Asked Questions
1.What is the MRI scan cost in Hyderabad?

Mri Scan price varies depending on the part of the body receiving the scan, cost is most greatly influenced by location as well as the facility. In general, cost of an MRI scan can be anywhere between Rs 3950 to 21000. Most of the common MRI scans include: Mri for Head, Mri for brain and nerve tissues.

2.What is the cost of an MRI brain scan in Hyderabad?

The mri scan price for brain starts from 3950 all the way to 7000 depending on the location, Diagnostic Center and kind of machine etc.

3.Where can I find the best MRI scan centres in Hyderabad?

Are you still searching for the best MRI scan centres in Hyderabad? Pluspin is an Online Healthcare service provider in Hyderabad which provides best Mri Scan centres at reasonable cost.

4.How do I get my report after doing an MRI scan in Hyderabad?

In Hyderabad some labs provide online reports and most of the labs provide film based reports.