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Did you know that Pneumococcal Vaccination protects you from Pneumonia and lungs infection? Get vaccinated today from the safety of your home. Call us to book your doctor appointment. 1499/- per person + 999/- for every additional family member (Vaccine cost not included)

The pneumococcal vaccine protects against serious and potentially fatal pneumococcal infections. It's also known as the pneumonia vaccine. Pneumococcal infections are caused by the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae and can lead to pneumonia, septicaemia (a kind of blood poisoning) and meningitis.

Why are pneumococcal vaccines important? Pneumococcal disease is contagious, meaning it spreads from person to person. It can lead to different kinds of health problems — including serious infections in the lungs, lining of the brain and spinal cord, and blood. Pneumococcal disease is especially dangerous for babies, older adults, and people with certain health conditions.

Getting vaccinated is the best way to prevent pneumococcal disease.

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How We Assess Patients?

Patient DetailsPatient Details
Medical ConditionMedical Condition
Doctors AdviceDoctors Advice
  • 01Based on our assessment model we provide an appropriate service based on the assessment.

  • 02Supportive Personal Care/ Nursing services are divided into Day/Night care or 12 hours Shift or complete 24 hrs live-in care.

  • 03A personalized care arrange is made keeping in mind the kind of service with monitoring on regular basis.

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Thanks For Provide a great service

Angshuman Kalita

Angshuman Kalita

Thanks For Provide a great service

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