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Coronavirus Testing Centers in Mumbai

Our lives have been rendered difficult by the coronavirus pandemic. We now seek out more pathological laboratories, see a doctor on a regular basis, and take every precaution to strengthen our immune systems. Even so, a coronavirus is infecting a large number of people. We can't stay at home because many jobs require us to work from an office or a construction site. This is why you need to know where you can take the Covid-19 exam. You can look for a nearby test centre if you want to take the covid test in Mumbai. To keep yourself and your environment healthy, you should also get screened. Covid 19 test in Mumbai is available. There are two types of test available one is RT-PCR, other one is Rapid Antigen Test. The majority of tests performed in India and around the world are RT-PCR, which includes nasal and throat swabs and uses direct detection of the virus rather than antibodies to detect its presence.

Rapid Antigen Test

Antibody tests are quick and cheap, and they can be used to determine the scope of infection in a population. Antibody tests, unlike RT-PCR, necessitate a blood sample to assess if the human body has antibodies to the coronavirus. Antibodies are proteins that the body produces and that the immune system uses to recognise and neutralise bacteria and viruses.

Process- A blood sample from the finger is taken and placed in a laboratory template for rapid antibody testing. After that, the blood is tested for two forms of antibodies: IgM antibodies, which occur early in an infection, and IgG antibodies, RT-PCR and Rapid antigen test. In RT-PCR nasal and throat swabs are used to detect the virus, whereas in rapid test blood sample is used.RT-PCR tests have been set at 500, 600, and 800. For supplying samples at the collection centre, a fee of 500 will be charged. Furthermore, having your corona test at home in Mumbai is a much better choice. The same test would cost $600 at a Covid Care Center or a quarantine centre, and the laboratories would charge $800 to retrieve the swab from your house. Furthermore, the Maharashtra government will levy fees of about 200, 300, and 400 rupees, respectively.

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