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Whether an elderly , Post Operative Care, Neuro pain , or Muscle pain.

Our Physiotherapists are specially trained to help reduce the pain and recover faster. During the assessment, our physiotherapy Expert tries understand each patient's goals such as walking, mobility etc.., and help them achieve it.

Our Physiotherapist are qualified and experienced to handle any kind of Physiotherapy assignments.

Frequently Asked Question about Physiotherapy services
1. What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a health profession concerned with helping restore the welfare of people after injury, pain, or disability. Physiotherapy at home in Hyderabad is a leading, evidence-based health care profession that treats a variety of injuries and illnesses and improves your overall health and well-being. Physiotherapy at home near me empowers patients and their careers to manage their condition outside the clinical settings. If you have trouble with any aspect of body movement, Pluspin has the expertise to find out to your needs to tailor a treatment specific to your condition.

2. How to get physiotherapy at home in Hyderabad?

Pluspin connects you to a network of qualified and trained physiotherapy services at home in Hyderabad, so get your life back on track in no time by following the steps below:

5 Stress-free Steps to Bring Home Your Professional Physiotherapists

  1. Step 1: Call Us or Leave your Number
  2. Step 2: Our representative calls you at the earliest
  3. Step 3: Service Confirmation by the Patient Care Coordinator
  4. Step 4: Care Plan discussed with you and your treating doctor
  5. Step 5: Your Journey towards recovery begins

So now that you are done with the above process, you can get relief due to consistent physiotherapy at home in Hyderabad.

3. Who should go for physiotherapy?

A severe injury needs the attention of an emergency doctor without delay, but for many injuries, visiting your physiotherapist can be the best choice. 3 Signs That You May Need Physiotherapy treatment at home visit Constant pain – if your pain is always present, even at a low level of intensity, chances are it will not disappear on its own. Severe pain longer than three days – if the inflammation stage of healing has passed and you are still experiencing pain, or severe pain, for half that time. Your pain is easily reproducible with a specific movement – This may look something like this: “every time I reach/bend/move this way, I get pain.” Your injury has affected something particular, and unless you want to avoid that specific movement for the rest of your life, gets assessed!

4. What Are the Benefit of Physiotherapy at Home service in Hyderabad?

Pluspin physiotherapy services at home in Hyderabad will expertly design & implement a tailor-made care plan that will help the patient. It also has several other benefits that can prove to be as effective as other courses of treatment, or even better they are:

  1. Improve mobility and flexibility
  2. Regain balance & strength
  3. Walk with confidence and prevent falls
  4. Build coordination and endurance
  5. Built core stability and Manage chronic pain
  6. Physiotherapist near me home service can help manage heart and lung disease
5. What Is The Cost Of Physiotherapy In Hyderabad?

Charges are 550 RS to 600 RS/Visit for physiotherapy at home in Hyderabad. Since they are calculated based on various factors such as the duration of physiotherapy treatment, Pluspin Physiotherapy Services will work with you to help restore your movement and function to as near normal as possible when this has been affected by injury, illness. We provide physiotherapist near me home service and physiotherapist near me home visit services.

6. What Are The Different Types Of Physiotherapy Pluspin Provide?

Pluspin physiotherapy at home Service uses a range of techniques and approaches to improve the overall physical well-being of those suffering from some kind of movement disorder, injury, or disease.

Following the assessment of your physical condition or a combination of the following therapies:

  1. Musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  2. Geriatric Physiotherapy
  3. Pediatric Physiotherapy
  4. Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy
  5. Neurological Physiotherapy
7.Why Pluspin?

Our Physiotherapy services at home in Hyderabad are highly skilled and knowledgeable with a caring and professional approach to your rehabilitation needs. as we know that our patients need flexibility and more options to book appointments.

Physiotherapy Services in hyderabad

Physiotherapy For Muscular-Skeletal Pain

Physiotherapy For Muscular-Skeletal Pain

The Musculoskeleton pains involve neck pain, acute back pain, knee pain ,ankle pain, Fibro-myalgia.

Physiotherapy For Post-Surgical & Joint Replacement

Involves surgeries such as Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist & hand, hip, Knee, calf, ankle & Foot, Spine.

Physiotherapy For Neurological Disorder

Involves Stroke� , Brain injury , Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Head injury and much more

Physiotherapy For Geriatric

Involves arthritis, incontinence, hip and joint replacement, osteoporosis, back pain, frozen shoulder, stroke

How We Assess Patients?



Medical Condition

Doctors Advice

Based on our assessment model we provide an appropriate service based on the assessment. Supportive Personal Care/ Nursing services are divided into Day/Night care or 12 hours Shift or complete 24 hrs live-in care. A personalized care arrange is made keeping in mind the kind of service with monitoring on regular basis.

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