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COVID-19 Coronavirus Testing In Vishakhapatnam

As of November 2020, the total tally of COVID 19 cases in Vishakhapatnam has crossed the 35,000 mark. It has been a hub for new covid cases every other day with the daily toll reaching almost 700! This has led to a rapid rise in demand for proper centres for a covid test in Vishakhapatnam. The total number of affected clusters in this holy city lies at 171 currently. Almost 28,000 patients have been already discharged.

If you are from Vishakhapatnam then knowing all the proper testing centres for COVID is highly essential to take adequate actions if you or someone from your family are showing the symptoms. There are only five centres in the city that are carrying out covid tests via the RT-PCR method although the time is taken to deliver the results in concerningly high. Over 75,000 tests have already been conducted with more on the way. The government has already issued directives to allow and equip private virology and diagnostics labs along with nursing homes to test coronavirus patients.

There are some important developments that you should keep in mind before going for the test. The government has approved private testing labs as of now to conduct COVID-19 tests on patients and they have also fixed the rates for the necessary tests and expenditure.

Coronavirus Vishakhapatnamhas been a nuisance of sorts with popular labs like GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research getting approval to conduct virology tests to identify positive cases more rapidly. A list of the approved centres to conduct covid tests in Vishakhapatnam are given below:

  • Anil Neerukonda Hospital Central Laboratory
  • Central Lab, Gayatri Vidya Parishad Institute of Healthcare and Medical Sciences
  • Virology Lab, GIMSR Medical College
  • Pinnacle Hospital
  • DST Lab Govt. Chest Hospital Vishakhapatnam
  • Quantum Speciality Diagnostics
  • Qpath Labs
  • Vijaya Medical Centre
  • Andhra Medical College
  • Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital & Research Centre
  • NTR Government Hospital, Anakapalle
  • Maharaja District Hospital
  • Maharaja Institute of Medical Sciences

Covid 19 Symptoms

Do note that only people under certain pre-directed categories are allowed to undertake the coronavirus test in Vishakhapatnam. Here are the following cases for you to note:

  • Patients with clear COVID-19 symptoms like fever, cough, and respiratory problems leading to breathing issues
  • People who have recently travelled to covid affected countries
  • Patients of Severe Acute Respiratory Illness or SARI and Influenza-Like Illness or ILS
  • Healthcare workers taking care of SARI and COVID patients
  • People with close covid positive family members

There are many facilities of temporary confinement in case of mild cases with the more severe ones immediately hospitalized. Due to the rapid rise in covid cases in the city, the government has taken additional steps like routine public sanitization, full-scale and partial lockdowns, increasing the number of testing centres, approving doorstep testing facilities

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